What Virtual Assistants Can Do For Your Voice Over Business

Have you been managing your voice over business all by yourself? Do you find yourself dropping the ball on some tasks, forgetting to follow-up quotes, or missing invoicing deadlines?

You want to spend more time searching for new clients, being inside your booth recording, or perfecting your craft but you can’t find the time because you have been playing catch-up.

How are you going to grow your business if you are overloaded with tasks and responsibilities that takes you away from the money-making activities? You either shave off time from what you could have been spending with your family and friends or decide to cap the number of projects you accept to what is manageable for you – either way, you lose.

You would struggle to grow your business if you wear too many hats. It is time to play it smart and leverage your time with talented workers. You may think that you may not be in a financial position to hire help, however there is one solution that can ease your burden – hire a virtual assistant.

Here are some tasks or activities a virtual assistant can help in you with:

General Administrative Tasks

  1. Managing email – checking emails, responding to enquiries, managing spam etc.
  2. Scheduling and booking – setting appointments with clients, setting up/scheduling auditions
  3. Calendar management – updating and managing calendar with events, meetings, etc.
  4. Travel arrangement and planning – booking flights, hotels, etc.
  5. Receptionist duties – answering calls, leaving voicemails, checking messages
  6. Bookkeeping and banking activities – adding expenses, paying bills, transferring funds, writing and sending invoices, etc.
  7. Customer service – managing client enquiries, following up for testimonials, etc.
  8. Reports – creating, filing, organising reports on your income or profit
  9. Transcription – composing documents from dictations and handwritten drafts, etc.
  10. Recruitment – source other freelancers for other tasks outside their scope, like marketing, website design, branding, etc.
  11. Maintaining Cloud accounts – managing cloud accounts like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.
  12. CRM activities – managing CRM, building database, entry and updates
  13. Research – researching for articles, resources, client background, etc.
  14. Forms and document creation – edit/submit proposals or quotes
  15. Other VO related tasks – reviewing/proofreading scripts, client search, purchase recording equipment, etc.

Social Media and Content Writing and Management

  1. Set-up Social Media accounts
  2. Manage and update Social Media accounts
  3. Edit and publish contents you have created
  4. Write and create contents on your behalf
  5. Filter and reply to comments on blogs or Social Media messaging
  6. Put together a social media plan
  7. Find and connect with ideal clients or industry influencers
  8. Create, participate in forums and discussion boards
  9. Create shareable images
  10. Content marketing and spinning
  11. Copy writing
  12. Press release and newsletter writing

Website Management

  1. Do regular website audit – check for typos, broken links, etc.
  2. Create and manage pages
  3. Do backups and updates

There are plenty more tasks that you can assign to your Virtual Assistant depending on your needs. But remember, that some tasks would require a specialised training or credentials. Hire for the role and not the tasks. Depending on what you require, you may need to hire more than one assistant to do the role.

A good tip as well is to find a voice over casting site that eliminates some of the tasks that you would normally do or pass on to a VA, like searching for auditions, invoicing a client, or doing a follow-up.

A virtual assistant is more cost effective than hiring a part-time or full-time employee. You can either pay by the hour, or pay per task/project. But even if you decide to hire a regular virtual assistant, you still don’t have to worry about other costs, like:

  • no additional cost for equipment, computer or other gadgets they need for work as they would have their own
  • no additional cost for internet and electricity
  • no need to rent an office space
  • they don’t expect to receive any benefits or bonuses

What would look like an additional expense for you when you hire a VA would actually drastically reduce overhead for your business. And in the long run will, they will help you free up some time and let you focus the activities that would help you grow and build your business.


Rana King

Rana King has presented marketing, sales, and writing seminars around the globe. She is also experienced in business-to-business copywriting and technical writing. She is also an accomplished voice actor with regular clients from around the globe.