Why Your VO Business Needs a Tagline

Creating an image for your brand to be remembered by is very important. Who would have thought that after 2009, Facebook will be identified just by seeing the white letter F with blue on the background? Aside from creating a logo that would stick in the clients’ mind is creating a brand message that would sum up what your company is all about, a.k.a. a tagline.

What is a tagline?

A tagline (or slogan) is a phrase that summarizes what your business or service is all about. Usually, taglines are one liners. In a single line, the tagline should be able to communicate your brand identity, what you do, and what clients will experience from using your website’s service..

Creating a tagline is not as easy as saying “Number One Voice Over in New York” or “Your Professional Voice Over” or “The Voice of Today”. Aside from having a unique quality, a tagline should be credible, relatable, and most importantly creative.

How can a tagline help my voice over business?

A tagline can serve a lot of purpose, other than just an additional input for your brand’s identity. It can greatly help your businesses in other ways.

First, a tagline can help the knowledge that consumers have prior to just simply knowing the company’s name, It can help explain what a company does, without reading everything on their ‘About’ page. 

Second, it can help the company express its purpose, service, how they are different from others, and more. Anything that can help your voice over website standout from other websites would be really helpful.

Last, your business’ tagline can build an internal esprit de corps for your employees. It can give a feeling of camaraderie among the members of the people in your organization.

How can I create a tagline for my voice over business?

Here are 5 tips to help you create a memorable tagline for your voice over business.

Connect with your clients

A tagline’s purpose does not end by becoming your company’s image, or by representing your brand. Your tagline should also be able to connect to your clients.When creating a tagline focus on what connects your clients to your business. Don’t just look at the service you provide but the emotion and outcome you want your clients want to experience. It is about them, not about you. For example, you would make your tagline, 

Make it brief but well expressed

Most memorable taglines are the ones that speak for itself. You can easily remember taglines that are short and direct. Taglines like these can easily create a service provider and customer connection. Straightforward but meaningful taglines can make any voice over website, or any business stand out.  Don’t just put adjectives together as this is not effective and does not bring a lot of substance. Think out of the box but keep it real to your brand. Always bear in mind that a tagline represents you, so do not use words that are overpromising. 

Taglines like “Just do it!” “Happiest place on earth” “Think different”, are short yet meaningful, right? Even if you do not know what the brands behind them are, you will be encouraged to work with them, because their taglines are like calling you to go to them.

Seek help, involve everyone in your business

Sit down and brainstorm, whether by yourself or with your team. Think about your unique selling point (USP), and again the benefits and the outcome your clients will experience after working with you.

List all the words you can come up with that would create an emotive response.It does not have to be just words, it could be phrases or sentences. You could also get an excerpt from your company’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values. Ask people in your company about a specific phrase that striked them the most.

After coming up with a list, you can trim it down and then trim it down even more. As you go through your list you would be able to come up with 3 or 5 possible taglines. But if it ever comes to a point that you feel like everything feels and looks the same, there is nothing wrong with asking help from professionals, like asking copywriters to help you create your dream tagline. 


Once you have your shortlist of your potential taglines, try to share them with your friends and family. Though they would have the tendency to agree to anything you like, ask them specific questions to help you make an informed decision. Do they understand it?  Does it connect with your brand? Does it make sense? Do they think they will remember it? Did it make them curious about the company? You can also ask them for recommendations.

If you already have a client base, share it with your closest and longest client and see how they would respond. If they responded positively, congratulations! Maybe you have found the perfect tagline for your voice over business. Yey!


Now that you have found it, use it over and over again. For a tagline to be memorable to your community and clients it has to be repeated and visible.

Put it in all your stuff. On your website. On your social media accounts. Hashtag it whenever you post. Let them hear it in your demo. Keep repeating it until it creates a buzz, till it becomes a normal antecedent of your company name.

Does your business have a tagline? How were you able to create that tagline? Share it with us!