Why Voice Over Actors Need a Retreat

It is less than a month before summer officially ends. You may have taken some time off from your studio for some holiday by the beach or if you abhor the summer heat, some winter fun Down Under. You may still have a long list of travelling and partying lined up before you get back to the grind, but before September ends, spare some time for the kind of break you really need.

For someone who works in a physically demanding job, you need to fully withdraw from work and any straining activities to renew, recharge, and reflect. In a retreat might just be what you need.

Retreats can help you…


Not just the physical cleansing kind, but also emptying out your mental clutter. You can unload and clean out your headspace, giving room for new perspective and changes in your life and work.


Get Inspired

As artists you always need to find ways to better yourself and your craft, and when you are free from the mental clutter, your mind is fresh for creativity and inspiration.


Get Freedom from Fear

There is always the fear of losing out on a job, not getting enough projects. Everyday steeled for confrontation. Everyday thinking and worrying. A retreat is a safe space for you to be free from all your worries.


Not Be Boxed In

As voice over actors, you are literally and figuratively boxed in. You are inside your booth on hours end. Slave to a routine and structure of day to day. In a retreat you can step out of your box, and breathe in the air, enjoy the space and free time.

And for you to reap the benefits of a retreat you must:

  • Know your intentions – ask yourself what you want to gain and leave behind
  • Choose a location that is far different from your usual working and living environment
  • Remove all distractions – sign off, log out, and turn off any communication that can distract. UNPLUG!
  • Take home what you gain as the real proof of the benefits is applying what you learned to your everyday life.
  • Gain traction by doing it at least once a year

But the most meaningful benefit of doing a retreat is that it can help you…


As a voice over actor, you play different roles not just behind the microphone, but also in managing your business and career. In a retreat you can drop all those roles – no characters to play, no title to fulfill… you can just be YOU.



Rana King

Rana King has presented marketing, sales, and writing seminars around the globe. She is also experienced in business-to-business copywriting and technical writing. She is also an accomplished voice actor with regular clients from around the globe.