The Voice Realm Celebrates Their 2014 Success

The Voice Realm, one of the voiceover platforms in the industry reports back their accomplishments for the year 2014.

The Voice Realm has been in the voiceover marketplace business for only three years but is fast becoming one of the leaders.  In the year end report shared in their site, The Voice Realm reported bringing $1.2 Million worth of business to its member in 2014 – a 12% increase in their voiceover payout compared to their 2013 performance.

The company also shared how they outperformed their competitors in terms of the average booking rate – this is the average project cost a client books a talent in their site.  The Voice Realm had an average of $349 booking rate for 2014.  This boasts a 39% difference compared to their competitor’s average project cost of $250.  This means that the site books projects at a range of $100 to $685 compared to the competitor’s $100 to $500 range.  Emma Jamieson of The Voice Realm said, “It’s all about bringing quality clients to our Professional Voiceover Talents, this is again one of our focus for 2015.  We have grown so much in the last three years and increased our presence in the UK, US and Australia and we want to continue doing that by working with a great client line up.  Last year we worked with clients like United Airlines, Citibank, L’Oreal and Hyundai, just to name a few.  We are excited to give our talents more of the same caliber of clients.

The Voice Realm talents share the same enthusiasm.  Audrey Bentham, one of their top female talents, loves that The Voice Realm gives her the opportunity to audition and work with high quality clients.  Another top talent, Larry Wayne is pleased with the work that has come his way through the site.

“Honestly, I am beyond pleased with the traffic coming from The Voice Realm. The yearly fee has paid for itself multiple times.  In those infrequent times when the support crew was needed, they were extremely quick to respond.  The website is virtually foolproof (and I NEED foolproof!) and there is no billing to do or negotiating with clients.  Not only does that make it easier on this side of the mic, but I think the client appreciates the quick, no hassle function as well.  I am also listed on some other well-known P2P sites, but The Voice Realm has consistently outperformed all of them combined,” declares Larry.

The Voice Realm credits their success to their hardworking talent members and to ensure that they continuously provide a great platform for the talents, they have recently collated feedback from their talents through a survey.  In The Voice Realm Listens article, they shared with their members the results of the feedback.

Lauren Maree of The Voice Realm shares, “One thing that sets The Voice Realm apart from the other voiceover hiring platforms is customer service, and we are happy that the voice talents recognise our efforts.  We are a small team of dedicated Voice Talent Agents who has the welfare of the voiceover talents at heart.  We also love getting feedback about our service as it means we are growing – all interactions with talents (and clients) are a learning experience for the team.”  This is proven by their 94% score for their customer support and a satisfactory rating for the overall talent experience.

Majority of their talents agree that the site’s rates are on par with the industry non-union rates and that talents prefer paying a small membership fee and then commission on paid jobs rather than paying exorbitant fees to join in.

Members of the site are also happy to stay on with The Voice Realm for 2015 enjoying a professional casting environment without the need to outbid their peers.

It was another good year for the voiceover industry with the influx of animation, video games and commercial ad works that were produced last year.  And with voiceover hiring sites like The Voice Realm flourishing, we can definitely see more opportunities coming in for professional voiceover talents this year.

The site continues to make strides in Europe where it offers voice over jobs and auditions to talent with professional home studios.

Rana King

Rana King has presented marketing, sales, and writing seminars around the globe. She is also experienced in business-to-business copywriting and technical writing. She is also an accomplished voice actor with regular clients from around the globe.