When the Voice Over is Not a Marketer!

It means it is time to get with the program…

What marketing efforts have you done to promote yourself online?

How effective was it?

Have you seen results?

You have a website, you are in all social media, you audition every chance you get both online and offline, but you don’t seem to be clinching those projects.

When you think have you done everything but still you are not getting the results you wanted (or needed) it is time to take off your voice over hat and put on your thinking cap and be a marketer.

When building a voice over career on your own having a great voice isn’t enough. Like the way you put on different roles when doing your voice over projects, you also play various roles in your voice over business, and one of them is being a MARKETER.

Ask yourself…

Am I unique?

What is your point of difference/USP (Unique Selling Point)? Why should your ideal client/casting director choose you over the competition?

When lining up for an audition you have at least three common things with the other talents – your language, your gender, your age range – so how will you stand out from the rest and not just be one of the many Female, English (British), Adult voice over talents, or just one of the Male, American, Older voice actors?

Is it the tone of your voice, is it your range or versatility, your delivery? Use that unique characteristic not only in your demo or when you audition, it should also be highlighted in every aspect of your voice over business – in your website, your cover letter, and your social media accounts.

Do I grab attention?

First impressions are everything.  What are you going to do to grab the attention of your client?

Voice over talents who use online voice over platforms will sometimes wonder why their auditions are not listened to, or even if it has been listened to they are still not closing the projects – one look (and listen) you will know the reason why. One word to describe it is BLAND.

The message (or cover letter) left to the client or casting agent is a generic, run of the mill letter of introduction – nothing exciting, nothing interesting, nothing that pops out. And when you listen to the demo reel or the audition, again a generic audition that can be heard in 100 other auditions. No wonder it goes straight to the shredder, whether imaginary or real.

Show off your personality even in the message you sent. Remember the phrase, “You had me at hello.” Say HELLO in your audition recording in your most memorable tone and style that would be an earworm to the listener for days.

Same thing goes with your website – use eye-catching colors that represent your brand. Use big bold graphics and photos that will make voice seekers STOP, LOOK and LISTEN to your demo. Have a catchy tag that will only be associated to your name.

Do I generate interest?

Use creative conversation, dialogue, or discussion to generate interest in you.

Don’t just stop at HELLO.

Have you ever tried starting a cover letter or your demo introduction with a question?

The casting director or voice seeker will definitely read on or listen more just to know the answer to that question – by that time you already have their attention for more than 7 seconds. The magical 7 seconds to make a good impression, once you passed that, the likelihood that your 30 or 60 second demo will be listened to completely is greater. It doesn’t even have to be a question – it can be anything creative and artistic to keep their interest piqued.

The attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds, for humans it’s 6 to 8 seconds.

This 7 seconds is not only vital in your demo but all your online based accounts, most especially to your website. As soon as the voice seeker clicked on your account or website, it should answer the following:

  • What is this about?
  • Does it capture my interest?
  • What am I supposed to do?
  • Do I want share this experience?

If your page or website answers all four in the first 7 seconds of browsing or navigating through your page, it means you have done a great job.

Don’t be afraid of a little shameless promotion. Make your rounds through voice over industry sites and blogs, and participate in the discussion, share your website or relevant blog articles of your own, because if you don’t do it… who will?

Do I create desire?

People buy emotionally, and back it up with logic. This is true even in voice over. Tap into people’s hidden motivators.

After you have grabbed their attention and piqued their interest, it is now time to make them want for more.

You’ve been told to show versatility and range in your demo reel and audition submissions, but it doesn’t mean you will give everything you’ve got at one go. After reading off the script, show off other tones or styles as alternative by reading just a phrase or less of the script. Leave them wanting for more that it makes your client ask you for a callback or request a private audition, or better yet book you instantly.

On your website, create a desire to navigate through the pages, encourage your visitors to click-through. Put your best work so far on your home page and have your users listen through to more; let your readers read the best excerpt to your article and have them read more on your blog page; share a great client testimonial and lead your voice seekers to even better testimonials.

Lead voice seekers on a journey and make it easy for them to hire you.

Remember don’t just focus on one role in your voice over business. In business Marketing is EVERYTHINGso don’t be just a voice over actor, be your own marketing expert.

What marketing efforts have you done to promote yourself online?

How effective was it?

Have you seen results?

Rana King

Rana King has presented marketing, sales, and writing seminars around the globe. She is also experienced in business-to-business copywriting and technical writing. She is also an accomplished voice actor with regular clients from around the globe.