Staying Front of Mind in Your Voice Over Network

We talked about voice over network as the cheapest, strongest and most effective way to grow your voice over career and business, and that’s by building strong relationships with the people in your network.

Now how do we use this personal engagement to keep in front of mind of the people we work with and for?


Using Your Network

Your network are your clients, prospects, social media platforms, voice over peers, industry influencers and decision makers, and everyone around you.

You need to engage with your network so that they can open new doors or opportunities for you. It is not about trying to sell your services to them all the time, it is about how can you partner with them, how can you help them, and how can you build relationships with them


In your network right now you have

D – Dormant People
These are people who once knew you – people you came across in a conference, event, projects, etc. You may have once had a bit of relationship there, however they probably don’t remember you now. But these are people who are still active in the industry and can create opportunities for you. This makes up 40% of your network.

S – Stagnant People
These are your voice over connections who still vaguely remember you; may not have spoken for 5 months or more, but again may have the right opportunity for you if they happen to remember you at the right time. This is about 25% of your network.

A – Active People
They know you, like you, trust you, and use your voice over services themselves. These active people in your network will definitely create opportunities for you when the time arises. This make up about 25% of your network.

O – Opportunity People
10 % of the people in your network are pretty much walking billboards for you. They love your work, your contribution to the industry and they can definitely create opportunities for you.

Majority of your connections are not actually doing anything for you right now and you can see why there are so many opportunities on the table right now that you are not getting a share of. However it doesn’t take much to make dormant person to become a stagnant person or a stagnant contact into an active contact, or make active person in your network into an opportunity person.

Here are 10 easy ways to stay front of mind in your voice over network.


Ways to Stay Front of Mind


Connect people in your network to each other. For example a fellow talent to a voice coach; a talent to an agent; a sound engineer or producer to a casting director. You will have two people thinking of and appreciating your assistance.


Invite people to an event, conference, training, workshops or any industry related events. It doesn’t matter if people don’t show up because now your active inviting takes you front of mind again.


There are a lot of people in your network right now whom you can do some form of collaboration – may it be an industry blog, podcast, a collaborative demo, set up a local event or training. Opportunities are endless and you are not just be in front of mind of the people you collaborate with, but also the people in their own network.


Help spread the word about what’s happening in the voice over industry. Ask your contacts if there’s anything you can help announce for them., can you announce it for them?

Horn Tooting

Show your love to the people in your network. Let them know how great they are.

Social Media

Tag people, comment, like, share and follow. Use this platform to connect and share. Haven’t you noticed that even if you haven’t met or even worked with another talent for the longest time, but because they are actively sharing, commenting in various social media platforms their names are front of your mind?


Do you ask your network if they can provide you service or help or do you go outside of your network? It can be shopping around for new microphone, equipment, or looking for around for trainings or workshops to attend, even probably seeking an agent, accountant, a lawyer –  shop and ask around within your network, just the mere action of asking around will make you front of mind.


Distribute and share information. Be their go to resource person for their blogs, podcasts, articles, conferences, workshops.


Find voice over events that you can help sponsor. More likely your name will be in their promotions, in their website; you are not only achieving credentials as an influencer in your VO community, but this will also definitely create opportunities for you to connect with new contacts.


Do you find referrals for your network or only just wait for them to refer you? This reciprocity will be appreciated by your peers and again will open referrals that better fit your niche.

Do these activities to 2 or 3 people in your network every day, and you will see that over the course of the month you will be front of mind of hundreds of people in your voice over network and even extend your reach into other networks – when they remember you, they can create opportunities for you. Continue the cycle of reciprocity by also creating opportunities for them.

Ten simple activities to do, yet very effective.

How do you connect with your voice over network? What activities do you do to keep front of mind of your clients, casting directors, agents?

Rana King

Rana King has presented marketing, sales, and writing seminars around the globe. She is also experienced in business-to-business copywriting and technical writing. She is also an accomplished voice actor with regular clients from around the globe.