Thinking About Attending VO Atlanta 2014?

Considering attending VO Atlanta 2014? Want to more about what to expect? We caught up with conference producer, Gerald Griffith to get the run-down on the event which is coming up in March 2014.

How is VO Atlanta 2014 different to other industry gatherings?


VO Atlanta was built from the ground up with the attendees in mind.  We arrange for all of our presenters to make themselves fully available for the duration of the conference.  This is unique because our presenters spend time talking and connecting with attendees both during, and after, their designated presentations. Because of this structure, the need to rush through the conference doesn’t exist.  I’ve found that the presenters actually prefer this format since it provides them an opportunity to connect with new and existing talent.

We are also the largest voiceover conference in the Southeast United States.  Our 2013 conference attracted talent and resources from 27 different states. In 2014 we’re expecting to far exceed our 2013 numbers.  As of January 1st, 2014, we have already reached 50% of our registration numbers for our 2013 conference.

The VO Atlanta 2014 Voiceover Conference also offers multiple opportunities for attendees to win significant prize packages.  There is the VO Atlanta Voiceover Contest with a prize package valued at over $3,000 dollars.  In addition, there is an audiobook contest for an ACX contract valued at over $1,000 dollars.

We also recognize the need to give and help others.  To that, we have provided two scholarships to the conference which include full registration and 3-nights hotel accommodations at the Hilton Atlanta Airport.

We’re very proud of where we are at this time and excited about our future in the industry.


Tell us more about the YOUTH component.


This is a big deal for the VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference.  We recognized the need to provide young people with access to the very best opportunities available. We were also asked during the lead-up to the 2013 conference about activities for young people.  At that time we didn’t have anything scheduled and did not have enough time to add it to the plans for 2014.

After that, we looked around and did not see any other conference offering something special for young people.  We decided to change that by being the first to launch a fully functional youth program as part of the VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference.  To accomplish this, we started by making a conscious decision to not make the youth portion just something we tossed in in order to say we did it.  We actually went out and solicited some of the best youth coaches we could find in the industry.

Having done our homework, we are proud to offer to young people between the ages of 12-16 and opportunity to receive training by some of the best in the business.  They will have multiple coaches providing training to them during the conference in addition to a few special surprises we have in store for them.


For those new to the industry and still learning, what sort of things can they expect to take away from the event?


This is another area where the format of VO Atlanta excels.  Because we stress the importance of our presenters being available for the entire event, we are able to fully welcome members at all levels.  It’s important that people at all levels of the industry have the opportunity to learn and grow.  The VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference gets it.

For those just starting out, we have sessions that are more general and will speak to them.  We also include specialty sessions that are called “X=Sessions” which are designed to be fully functional workshops for those who want to take advantage of the opportunity to train and learn in a very small group settings.  Those sessions are especially popular with more seasoned talent.

Every attendee at the VO Atlanta 2014 conference can expect to leave having had the opportunity to be a part of our Four-P system. We help talent improve their PERFORMANCE, increase their understanding of the PROFESSION, connect and build relationships with PEOPLE, and give them a much better understanding of the PRODUCTS and technology involved with being successful in today’s market.


You can get more details on the event and find out about guest speakers from our previous story.

Kurt Myers

Kurt Myers is an opinionated, social media and voice industry expert. He has been involved in agency sales, marketing, and talent development for the past 9 years.