More Updates from Source Elements

Last week Source Elements announced that they were releasing a version of Source Connect that runs on any platform by simply utilizing a Google web browser, called Source Connect Now.

Voice Over Herald chatted to Source-Connect’s Technical Director Rebekah Wilson this week about other updates on products.


If someone was looking for an ISDN alternative, why would you recommend Source-Connect over other options out there at the moment?

Source-Connect offers a connection that is the most like ISDN while still running over IP (Internet Protocol). It runs over a robust, constant bitrate MPEG4 AAC codec up to 160kbps mono / 320kbps stereo. Source-Connect is able to interface directly and with predictable input and output gain with the recording system’s work station. It does not alter the amplitude domain nor the time domain of the stream when it encounters bandwidth issues. In doing so this allows for a seamless restoration and even PCM replacement of the recorded audio stream. It has many other features like RTS transport lock that make it work very well in strenuous professional situations.

What changes have you made to the technology or pricing over the past few years?

Source-Connect 3.8 will have the ability to make connections regardless of firewall settings. Recently we have added a Surround Sound capable version called Source-Connect Pro X as well as several other new products. One of interest may be Source-Nexus which is an application audio router for Mac OSX. Specifically for your readers, Source-Nexus will allow any application to feed its audio to – and get its audio from – a Pro Tools AAX plugin (VST and AU soon to be released). Thus, other software or browser based codecs can effectively be deployed as plug-ins even if their makers don’t specifically make plug-ins them selves. This can be very useful with our new Chrome browser based version of Source-Connect Now that has just gone into private beta (February 13th). Source-Connect Now is operated via the latest in vogue platform, the Chrome-based browser. It will be offered as a very affordable subscription service providing excellent sound quality via the Opus audio codec at up to 128kbps. We will likely include guest accounts in the base subscription as well as many many other optional features to make the Chrome environment as professional and effective as possible without requiring dedicated software to run. While the initial beta will not directly connect to Source-Connect standalone software, Source-Connect Now will eventually also directly connect to dedicated software versions of Source-Connect offering either side of the connection the ability to run with dedicated software, workstation plug-ins as well as the new Chrome browser based option. We also have an iOS version in development, and Android support is very close.

How is the technology being utilized by consumers?

Recently we have had radio shows run live on the air from London to San Francisco as well as countless VO records, ADR and mix monitoring sessions. Source-Connect is used every day. Too many connections and sessions to count really. We are extremely proud about the breadth of uses of Source-Connect. Block buster movies, to major music projects, of course commercial VO sessions and other sessions of all types use Source-Connect routinely. You can see a small selection of what goes on here:


Source-Connect Now is presently in beta testing mode and is available to users who have a support account.

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