How to Take Care of Your Voice

Peoples’ voice varies and comes in different tones and quality. Some are blessed enough to be born with a voice that belongs to the opera house or to be tagged as a band vocalist. Others are lucky enough to have voices that are meant to be heard on the radio or to do voice overs in movies and the likes.

Those who are talented enough to enter the field of voice over acting should have a great sounding voice plus a clear speech and a persuasive way of speaking. Aspiring voice actors must take good care of their voice because in this business, your voice is not only your product but also your investment.

Vocal misuse or overuse is one of the causes of voice problems. Hoarse and raspy voice; throat is often feeling achy and strained; repetitive clearing of throat; and the lost of the ability to hit some high notes, are signs of an unhealthy voice. Below are some tips on how aspiring voice actors can prevent these problems.


Stay Hydrated

One common advice that doctors give us when we get sick is to drink plenty of water.  We really do not need to further discuss this one… we just have to remember that H20, just like dogs, are man’s best friend.

Limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol for it can cause the body to lose water and dry the vocal folds and larynx.


Have a Proper Lifestyle and Diet

One must engage to a healthy lifestyle and diet. Aspiring voice over actors should also avoid smoking and of course, secondhand smoking.

Proper diet is a key to a healthy and strong voice. Avoid spicy food as they cause irritation and stomach acid. While spicy food is a no no, you can eat plenty of food that would keep the mucus membrane that lines your throat healthy like those rich in Vitamin A, E, and C – vegetables, fruits, and whole grain possesses these vitamins.


Take a Break!

Getting enough rest and exercising regularly can also make your voice healthy. Physical fatigue can strain your voice so you always need to have enough rest. Exercising on the other hand can increase stamina and muscle tone that will develop your posture and breathing which are obviously needed for proper speaking.


Always be Cautious

Just like any part of our body, our voice cannot be overused. Once signs of an unhealthy voice show, you should avoid speaking or singing, or any activities that would further tire or stress your voice.


Do Not Push Yourself Too Much!

It is not just screaming that would make you hoarse, even whispering can also stress your voice. Shocking, right? Using the extremes of your vocal range will cause stress. Try speaking or singing in your normal vocal range. If you want to get the full potential of your range, you must practice good breathing techniques and support your voice with deep breaths. Relying on your throat alone can cause serious problems. You should always, always avoid talking above the noise too! All of these may cause strain.


Consider Seeking Professional Help

A speech-language pathologist who is experienced in treating voice problems can teach you how to use your voice in a healthy way. You may consider seeking help from a speech pathologist.

If you think you are experiencing worse than hoarse and tired voice, you must consult a specialist immediately.


A bonus!

Another simple method to prevent your voice from being unhealthy is to wash your hands regularly to avoid flu and colds. Also, refrain from using mouthwash with alcohol contents and harmful chemicals. Much like alcohol and caffeine, it could dry out your throat.

And if you want to go the extra mile in taking care of your voice, you can use a humidifier in your home especially during winter and dry season.


What techniques do you use to keep your voice healthy and strong?


Louise Wilson

Louise Wilson comes from a background in marketing and communications. As a Digital Marketing Trainer, she has held seminars in-house coaching and developing online marketing strategies. She also works closely with casting agents and voice talent from her experience in a production house.