Vocal Apps to Help The Voice Over Beginner

It is amazing what technology today can do for anyone… organising your schedule, keep track of your health and activities, teach you a new language, convert your speech to text and vice versa, and connect you with like-minded people.  It is an easy and cheaper way to get hold of information and learn some new tricks.

In almost all skill or profession you can find an app that can give you advice, help you train and be your portable coach.

Here are some apps for both IOS and Android users that can be helpful for the voice over beginner (and even for the professional). These are basic apps to help you vocalise, pace your speech and practice your pronunciation.


iPhone / Android

Basically pacing is the rate of speed at which we speak. Proper pacing is a fundamental skill that any aspiring voice over needs to learn. A new voice over actor would either read much too slowly or too fast.

You can use Metronome while you practice and listen to the tick to help you hit the perfect stride.

The next three are recommend apps for singers, however it is also useful for voice over actors as it can help train your voice with some warm-up exercises and some tips to help the quality of your voice.

Voice Tutor


Voice Tutor will run a diagnostic to help you figure out any challenges you may have with your voice. You can then take specific lessons to overcome those challenges. It guides you do vocal exercises that are target to your specific voice type.



VoiceCoach offers the following:

  • Voice warm up, exercises and warm down
  • Pitch adjustor to custom fit your range
  • Tempo adjustor to work at your own pace
  • Exercises directly with detailed descriptions and demonstrations


iPhone / Android

Gives you a detailed description of the vocal exercises, how it helps your voice, and why it is necessary. When used properly, it will train your voice to avoid straining, itch, soreness or hoarseness. It is perfect for beginners who never had formal training and also a great benefit for the intermediate and advance voice students.



One mistake that voice over actors should avoid is pronouncing words incorrectly. So when doing your practice read, or recording your sample demo, you can use Forvo to listen and learn the right pronunciation. It is available in 300 languages and you can also compare different accents.

For Android users you may visit their mobile friendly website.


After a long day of work and practice, you would need to relax your mind, body and voice. Check out Relax Melodies meditation app and use it as you wind it down for the day.

iPhone / Android

You can never replace the mentoring, the knowledge and experience an actual teacher, coach or trainer can share, but these apps can help improve your skills as you work your way into the voice over industry.

What other apps can you recommend? Share it with us by commenting below.


Rana King

Rana King has presented marketing, sales, and writing seminars around the globe. She is also experienced in business-to-business copywriting and technical writing. She is also an accomplished voice actor with regular clients from around the globe.