Voice Casting Website The Voice Realm the Most Highly Rated Site for Voice Over Work

The Voice Realm, one of the world’s leading voice over casting websites has finished on top of a survey completed by over 150 voice actors this week. The casting site beat out competitors in regards to customer service, ease of use and the amount of voice over jobs being cast.

Robert James, The Voice Realm’s marketing manager was ecstatic about the results and proof that the site is winning the trust of professional voice actors, many who had recently become disheartened with websites that were charging in excess of $400 and then having voice talent bid against one another for work.

“Our staff have worked so hard over the past few years, and this is the ultimate payoff. We get so many emails from voice talent telling us they are moving all their voice over work to our site, due to fast payments, fair voice over rates, and a great user experience.”

Some of the survey results included the following:

Which casting site brings you the most work?

1 The Voice Realm 22.68%
2 Voices 21.65%
3 Voice123 16.49%
4 Other sources 39.18%

Which website is the most user friendly for the voice actor?

1 The Voice Realm 42.34%
2 Voices 24.32%
3 Voice123 13.51%
4 Other 19.82%


Which casting website have you had the best customer service with?

1 The Voice Realm 45.95%
2 Voices 29.73%
3 Voice123 3.60%
4 Other 20.72%

The results prove that The Voice Realm continues to remain one of the world’s most prestigious casting websites providing exceptional customer service. More than 84% of respondents indicated that they would remain with the site for the foreseeable future.

One of the negative results of the survey was that many voice actors fear that casting websites that allow voice talent to bid against each other for jobs is slowly eroding rates. The preference being given to a set rate card, something The Voice Realm has implemented since its launch in 2011.

Mr. James continued to explain that the site works closely with international advertising agencies and production companies to supply voice talent for everything from scratch tracks to international television campaigns.

“We have lead the field with many forward thinking ways of bringing new clients to our actors, which we see others now trying to replicate. The voice actors are not stupid and see straight through other sites money hungry ways of upping the annual subscription fee and allowing anyone to join and start auditioning and undercutting established talent.”

The Voice Realm lists only the top 3% of talent that apply to be listed.

[Source: The Voice Realm Media Release]