Voice Casting Website to Begin Charging Clients to Post Auditions

In what is being described as a game changer, voice casting website The Voice Realm is to begin charging clients to post auditions on their website.

The website made the announcement Saturday through a tweet, ahead of a panel at Voice Over Atlanta 2016 discussing voiceover rates online and how they affect voice talent and the future of the industry.

The site is one of the leading voice over casting websites and has made strides over the past few years booking over 4 million dollars of voice over jobs for talent who are listed with the prestigious brand.

This is not the first time the website has revolutionized online voice castings. Since it’s inception Voice Realm has carefully screened talent to ensure only the best are presented to clients. They were also the first major site to do away with voice actors bidding against each other for work, which in turn pushed down rates.

Speaking exclusively to Voice Over Herald, Kurt Myers the company’s business development manager said they change would be slowly eased in over the next few months to allow clients to adapt to the changes.

There would be no immediate change for voice actors, however it is believed this would offset any need for voice actors to pay to be listed. This is compared to other websites that charge talent $400-$5000 for the privileged of auditioning, and then deducting more from the client’s budget, which the talent may never know of.

We expect to hear more details Monday.