Top Voice Over Coaches Join The Voice Realm

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. – Anthony J. D’Angelo

Learning and continuous learning is as important, if not far more important than having the talent; more so for an industry like voice over, where the demand follows trends, and the need changes in time. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or even a well-experienced voice over talent, there is always a need to learn, improve or develop a new skill, style and technique.

Acquiring the right skills and technique can be your key to breaking into the competitive voice over industry, or launch your current career into even greater heights. And as most successful voice over talents would attest, they have not been alone in their journey in growing their voice over career, they have been guided by a skilled and experienced expert, coach, or mentor.

So if you think it is time stop moving along on autopilot and you need to start shifting into a more guided approach in your career, The Voice Realm, one of the top voice over casting sites, may just have the right solution for you.

With the launch of the site’s new and fresher look, they have also introduced an offering for new and experienced voice over talents – The Voice Realm’s VOICE COACH.

“With this latest addition to The Voice Realm site, we hope that we would be able to address the need of a lot of aspiring voice over talents who have come to our site over the years who wanted to be part of The Voice Realm but does not have training and experience that the site demands from its members. The Voice Realm’s Voice Coach gives the new comers an opportunity to be coached and mentored by seasoned voice over talents / coaches, who has, individually to their credit, decades of experience to share and teach,” Emma Jamieson, TVR’s Support Manager, explained.

She added, “We also recognized that it is important for professional voice over actors to continuously develop their talent and skills, in order for them to always stay on top of their niche. Each Coach offers a unique coaching experience that would cater to the individual needs of the talent, so whatever learning level you are currently at, there is a Voice Coach who is perfect for you.”

Time to meet The Voice Realm’s Voice Coaches…


Deb Munro

Deb Munro, known as the VO Chef Deb, is a full time voice over talent and coach with over 26 years of experience. VO Chef Deb has the passion for voicing and sharing her knowledge and experience. She is a ‘no nonsense’ coach who practices what she preaches. She recognizes that every individual learns differently so she cooks up the perfect recipe that would make a great impact in your career.


Charlotte Grundy

Charlotte Grundy is a professionally trained presenter and voice over artist in the UK. As a vocal coach, she aims to work with you in pursuing your goal in doing voice over work, and communicating clearly, effectively and with confidence. Learn the basic rules of voice over work, and work on some basic techniques that will improve your skills as a voice over artist.


Abbe Holmes

Abbe Holmes has been one of Australia’s favourite voiceover artists for over 35 years. Known for her versatility and character work across age ranges and all styles of voiceover. In the last 12 years, Abbe has been coaching voice over talents, helping them get a clear understanding of voice over techniques, and working on the talent’s unique voice style and skills. As a voice demo producer, Abbe has also helped many into successful voiceover careers.


David Zema

David Zema has been seen and heard thousands of times in many commercials and programs on television, the internet, radio and telephone. David has also contributed as a voice over expert for various books on creating a successful voice acting career. David will evaluate your current level and help you focus on your core strengths in order to create produce positive results in your voice over career.


Experience world-class coaching from the industry’s top voice over coaches and take that first step into your greatest voice over journey. Visit The Voice Realm’s VOICE COACH today.



Rana King

Rana King has presented marketing, sales, and writing seminars around the globe. She is also experienced in business-to-business copywriting and technical writing. She is also an accomplished voice actor with regular clients from around the globe.