The Romance of Online Casting Sites

Online Casting sites are like Online Dating sites. They put 2 people together who need something from each other – a relationship. You’re building a relationship with the client and the sites are just helping to make the connection.

To build your love for a voiceover career, you have to be in love with the work.

But…where do you find work?

That’s the million-dollar question!

If you don’t have an agent, how do you audition? Many newcomers or fairly new talent will turn to Online Casting sites as a first thought. Your goal is to work on building a roster of steady clients and this is one way to get started. Ask any full-time professional talent and many will tell you they have found a few long term clients from the Online Casting sites. They may no longer be using online casting sites but they did at one time and it helped them get started. And for those full-time professionals that do still use the online sites occasionally, they don’t rely on them for their sole income…and neither should you.

The best answer for newer talent is to do a mix of both – self-marketing and Online Casting sites. When looking at online casting, there are a number of options. What you need to consider is what will best suit your needs, what fits in your budget and where you think you’ll get the best return on investment. It also takes patience. It may be awhile and you might do a hundred auditions before landing that first job. That’s okay, it’s practice for you…both in self direction and marketing yourself.

Once you’ve decided to join an Online Casting site, build the best profile you can. You want to get noticed among the hundreds or thousands of others. Read all of the blogs, directions, suggestions, etc that the site provides about how to maximize your potential on that site. They built it and know what works for their platform. It’s like taking a test and the materials are being given to you! Use it!

Here are a few tips.

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1. Build a top notch profile-including killer demos

2. Read and follow ALL the instructions or directions to build a successful profile on the site.

3. Audition only for what you are truly qualified for. Use a rifle not a shotgun.


So you’ve signed up, built a great profile and started to audition. Now you’re hoping for a connection. Then you get the email…Congratulations you got the gig! It’s exciting and nerve racking at the same time. Remember, besides delivering a great read, you also need to deliver great customer service. That’s what will help you build the roster of clients you need to succeed in this career.

Following are some tips on how to work with Online Casting site clients:

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1. The most important thing to remember is you’re building a relationship – hopefully a long term one – with the client.

2. Read and follow all the directions of the site. If you’re not allowed to give out contact information, don’t. If they don’t care, then include it.

3. Respond promptly and courteously.

4. If a problem arises, contact customer support for the site. You’re paying for that service with your membership. Use it if you need it.

5. Deliver the project on time and in the specified file format. Delivering early if possible is even better. You want to exceed their expectations.

6. Follow up when necessary in a polite way.

7. Thank the client and remind them you are there to help them with any future needs as well.


Hopefully these tips will save you from a lot of “first dates” only. Many of the sites will also reward you for your successful relationships with clients by listing you as recently hired, therefore making you more attractive to potential clients.

Build connections with clients that will keep them in love with you and you in love with your career.


Article by Christi Bowen, a professional voice actor in Nashville.