How to Promote Yourself as a Voice-Over Actor Online

Crafting a well thought-out marketing plan can help you to promote yourself more effectively and build a roster of active clients. While attending casting calls and auditioning is one of the best ways to land a job, another way is to allow your clients to find you – instead of you looking for clients. Leverage on the power of the internet and carry-out your marketing plan with enthusiasm and determination – and say hello to a whole new world of voice-over success!

Here are some ideas on how to promote yourself as a voice-over actor online.


Blogging can increase your web presence and is a good marketing strategy. But you have to enjoy writing and be able to do this consistently in order for this strategy to work. Just like voice-over acting, blogging is an art form and it takes one artist to another to effectively pull this off. Now get those creative juices flowing and start blogging your way to more online presence.

Create a Personal Website

Having your own website can expand your reach and can make your market potential limitless. Your website provides you with the venue to showcase what services you have to offer, your past accomplishments, your list of clients, perhaps even your rates, and more importantly, your demo reel. Make sure your demos have superior sound quality, loads quickly, and plays instantly or you might drive your potential clients away. A good website makes it easier for clients to find you and make quick decisions about hiring you for a particular voice-acting or voice-over job.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

There are hundreds of online directories available to you. Drive traffic to your website by constantly and consistently submitting your website to them. It is also a good idea to reach out to your targeted audience with an ad using some of the most popular key word search engines such as Google AdWords. These strategies will particularly drive traffic to your website and hopefully convert much of these traffic into actual sales.

Generate Publicity

Pitch your stories to online magazines and news articles to generate publicity for yourself. It is also a good idea to use social networking sites to tell stories about yourself and the work that you do. Make sure to let people know that you are a voice-over talent and that you are an excellent one. Optimize the use of this avenue and generate maximum online visibility. Build up your presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Join Voice Over Networking Groups

Join Social Media Groups

There are dozens of social media groups that target the voice-over niche. By joining these groups, you can establish your credibility as a voice-over talent.

Be a Part of a Recognized Voice-over Community

Posting your profile thru the more popular voice-over communities is a great way to get noticed. Hundreds of clients are searching for voice-over talents each day and having your profile searchable is a good way to boost your career. Build connections by the hundreds and you’ll definitely translate some of those to actual voice-over jobs.

Take Part in Online Webinars

There are many voice over webinars that happen in the UK, USA and Australia. These are a great place to learn from others, industry experts, network and have a learning experience from the comfort of your own home.  Plus they are a tax deduction most of the time.

You’ll get great experience and get a motivational kick in the butt by hearing from others who are just as passionate about the industry as you are.

This list is not exhaustive but can definitely help you get started with marketing yourself online. What has worked best for you in promoting yourself? Let us know below.

CM Serra

CM Serra has a long history of working with voice talent. Starting out as an assistant and working her way up to a Casting Director, she's seen it all. Her forte may be working with 'old school' agents, but she's witnessed the voice over industry move online in recent years.