Are You Missing Out on Sales Due to a Neglected Marketing Tool?

Running any business is tough. So maximizing every possible revenue stream is vital. One of the most powerful marketing tools that many businesses are neglecting is right under their nose. Voiceover casting website The Voice Realm conducted a survey in October 2012 and found many business failed to utilize telephone marketing opportunities.

The telephone is one of the most important tools for any business, whether it is a land-line, cell phone or even VOIP. But many companies fail to see the potential this piece of equipment can do to generate more sales from existing clients and even bring in new clients.

When a consumer calls a business they are instantly transformed into a captive audience from the second the call is answered. Their full attention is given to what is being said through the earpiece.

Many small to large businesses are letting this opportunity slip through the cracks with either an unprofessional recorded greeting or dull music. They neglect this part of their marketing campaign believing that a basic recording by an employee will suffice.

In a recent survey conducted by professional voice over casting website The Voice Realm, 82% of respondents believed hiring a voice actor to record their phone system greetings and on-hold messages would be too expensive. Many did not even know where to look to find one.

Of all those surveyed, 88% had not included any of their phone message system in their marketing campaigns.

That is a massive oversight for one of the biggest means of client interaction of any business.

The telephone is sometimes the first contact a new client will have with a business. Therefore making a professional impression will determine how long a caller stays on the line, and potentially even how much they will spend with the company.

Research shows that a caller will stay on the line longer when being given varied and interesting voice messages, no matter whether they are being told information on current promotions or even just general information and interesting facts about the business.

A professional voice talent is also going to help hold a client’s attention longer. Rather than being distracted by an employee sounding uninterested and reading from a script, a trained voice actor will engage the caller with a more natural and professional sound.

Marketing Manager, Robert James, from The Voice Realm voice casting website says the process of getting a top voice actor on your phone system is within reach. “Thanks to the technology and the internet many voice talent now record from their own studios, cutting out agents. This has resulted in better rates for clients. You can have the same guy that’s on your radio and TV commercials now do the recordings for your phone system for less than $200.”

Mr. James suggests some different ways that small businesses can utilize this powerful marketing tool.

  •     List some facts about your company. How did it start? How many employees are there?
  •     Give details about what your company is doing for charities in the local community
  •     Describe how you can save your customers money with current   promotions
  •     List your opening hours. Give details on holiday operating hours
  •     Give exclusive discounts when customers mention specials they heard on-hold.

“A voice over recording that is generic can last for a year or two. Break the initial outlay down over 24 months and you’re looking at a very cost effective way to sound like you’re one of the big boys.” Mr. James added.

The Voice Realm is an automated online casting service that connects small and medium business with professional voice talents. The service is free for auditions. The site operates autonomously and clients work directly with the voice actor.

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Lauren Maree

Lauren Maree has been working in advertising, media and marketing for over 15 years. Her experience as a casting director allows her to provide inside information of the voice over industry.