The Voice of Mario and Luigi is One Funny Guy

It has been over a month since the news got around that Charles Martinet, the famous voice of Mario and Luigi has taken a liking to Instagram.  One month and almost 30,000 followers after, we still can’t get enough of the man!  And it seems Mr. Martinet can’t get enough of social media either… now he is slowly taking over Vine.

After crashing Nintendo’s auditions and taking a chance of doing the voice of an Italian Plumber differently, Charles Martinet has been voicing the pizza loving Mario for almost 25 years.

The funny man now takes his characters everywhere — from his travels, to video game conferences, and even to the kitchen.

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Martinet’s jokes and hilarious commentaries are brought to life by the often floating action figures of Mario and Luigi.  Even Wario makes an appearance once in a while and cracks up the fans!

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But like I said, Instagram is not enough… now Martinet is now also trying to rule Vine!   Now with over 4.5M loops and 4,945 followers (come on guys we can do better that!)

Mushrooms and the brothers… need I say more?

This voiceover dude seems to have a lot of time in hands and we love it! Watch more of Martinet’s funny clips on his Instagram and Vine accounts.

Rana King

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