Voice Actor Problem: Chasing Up Clients for Payment

Not just particularly voice actors, but perhaps it’s every freelance worker’s dilemma — the pain of having to work on the unpaid administrative jobs such as tracking down late-paying clients. Majority of voice over talents complain about this, because the time they waste chasing clients for the payment could’ve been spent on auditioning for more jobs. 

Good rule of the thumb though is that clients come in all shapes and sizes and you sometimes have to make the call if the excuse they’re giving you is valid. Not all late payers are bad apples. But regardless of whether or not they have a legitimate acceptable reason, there are two types of late-paying clients — One who at least updates you that they’re running into a rough patch, and one who does not communicate at all. 

This is not to defend clients as for whatever it takes, they should be accountable for their duty to pay for the voice over product they buy accordingly. But this aims to rather prepare you to anticipate the possible scenarios on why they fail to pay on time so you can create your contingency plan. 

Possible Reasons Of Clients In Their Late Payments

It’s their higher-ups

Sometimes, it’s most likely not your client’s fault. Of course, there are clients who have pure good intention and are dedicated to do their job well, they exist. Just as frustrated as you are while waiting for them to pay you, pressure’s on top of them while waiting for the next word from their clients too. For one reason or another, there really comes the instances where their company struggles to settle payments. Their organization could have been putting up with a bad financial shape or they might really just have a complex process that cause delays.

Lack of accountability

This is where the clients are considered blameworthy. Sometimes, some clients run short of their responsibilities. They will for sure, give you a medley of reasons and it’s your call whether or not you are going to buy them. Study their actions for you to get cues to help you with your judgment. Just always remember to be polite and professional in approaching your clients, no matter how the situation tries to get into your nerves.

Unwanted mishap

Sometimes, it’s nobody’s fault. There comes inevitable circumstances that ruin the situation even if its against our favor. 


Worst possible case is when your client got bankrupt. This is when you are up for a more upsetting tasks that you have no choice but to face because it’s the only way to claim your money. This is tough especially if the amount your client owes you is not that big enough to bring to court. But you have the choice to take it on small claims court, nonetheless.

With all these possible reasons, how do I prevent late-paying clients? 

It is twofold easier to avoid the payment overdue issues than to face them. Here’s an article that will help you in preventing non-payments.