How To Boost Your Voice Over Career and Have Fun Doing It

I know, you’re busy looking for auditions, cutting tracks and managing your Voice Over business and there just isn’t time or money to go to another ‘Meeting’, ‘Workshop’ or  Conference’.  I totally get it! After all if you aren’t in front of the mic laying down tracks or editing on the computer, how will the bills get paid? No one is going to hire you at a meeting. You should be slaving away in your studio ‘working’ on your business, right?

Hold on a moment. What is your voice over business anyway? Isn’t it about becoming the best at what you do, in order to serve your clients? What if you could spend a few hours or a couple days and after that be better at all the things you do? Attending the Midwest Voice Over Conference will be an investment in yourself and your business. That’s right, it IS an investment not an expenditure.

At this conference you will spend quality one-on-one time with Super Stars of the industry including Harlan Hogan, J. Michael Collins and his pay-to-play team, Rodney Saulsberry, Hillary Huber, Kurt Kelly, Marc Graue plus representatives from, a conference sponsor. These experts have been where you are now. Learn from their experience and save a few trial and error steps. When you can talk to people like Paul Keels, Voice of The Ohio State Buckeyes as well as local speakers from the ad agency, talent agency, business and sports world, the exposure and education is priceless.

It’s a one-stop shop to hear the latest industry changes, equipment and software updates, new ways to market yourself and hone in on your niche (and maybe find a new one!). At the 2015 Midwest Voice Over Conference, held in Columbus, Ohio on May 7th  8th & 9th  2015 you can do all that and more. The Holiday Inn Worthington, OH will host the event. In addition to the keynote and workshop lineup, delicious meals and networking times are integral. If that wasn’t enough, door prizes,  V/O demo critiques, and actual casting opportunities are a part of the 2 day conference.

You know the value of marketing your business, now invest in the product itself, YOU. The education, connections and entertainment will return many fold the cost in time and money. If just one thing gained from the Midwest Voice Over Conference results in new clients, it has paid for itself. I believe the return will be much greater than that! Make plans to attend today, visit for registration, conference agenda and further details.

Valerie Scanlon writes exclusively for Voice Over Herald.