Goofy Goofed Up on Kingdom of Hearts III Announcement

Don’t you just love social media?  Even before any press release or trailers, fans can get first-hand information or news straight from the mouths (or in this case Tweets) of the key players.

This week the online world was tickled with excitement with the possible release of the third installment of the Mafia video game series teased by no less than the game’s lead voice actor Rick Pasqualone.

Another video game came into Twitter world limelight this week – Kingdom of Hearts.

KH fans were going gaga over claims of the release of Kingdom of Hearts III, which everyone was already prepared to wait for a long haul, possibly till 2017.  Since the announcement that Kingdom of Hearts III was in development in E3 2013 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) there has been no news of its progress especially with movement around their development team.  But in Twitter, Bill Farmer broke the silence late last year.  Farmer who voices the character of Goofy in the crossover action role-playing game series of Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios replied to a fan tweet that KH III is coming out next year.

Bill Farmer1

This was followed up by a few more strings of tweets when fans asked to confirm and if it was not confused with the spin-off Kingdom of Hearts Re:Coded.  Bill Farmer claims that he has finished all the voice work needed for Goofy and has supposedly been told that the game will come out this year.

Bill Farmer2


Alas, Farmer was too quick to the trigger!  Super Enix jumped on Twitter too for some damage control.  They tweeted out with a pun:


We can only suppose that the veteran actor’s earlier claims were born out of excitement and love for his role and the game.  And also only conjecture that it was all due to a misunderstanding of what Farmer has been told. A fan comes to his defense:


We now dare ask… though it is indeed thrilling for fans to get the news direct from the faces or voices of their favourite movies, series, games or animation, should there be a gag order issued to anyone involved in the production till it is official to avoid back-tracking?



Rana King

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