Where to Find Auditions for Voiceover Work

Calling all voiceover talent. Step right over and take part in what you do best…auditioning your voice for open casting calls. The summer months are a great time for the voiceover industry where work can be found at present or for upcoming projects slated for the three other seasons in the year.  Think of local productions in your area or seek out national campaigns and prepare yourself for all that’s included. The range of employment for voiceover work includes, but are not limited to; TV shows, audio books, movies, documentary television, commercials, video games and multimedia. The best way to continue to hone your craft is to practice, practice and practice some more. The principal of “practicing,” applies to most professional and or creative genres, but the voiceover industry is always unique in fact that the voice is the sole communicator and it takes great skill to rely on voice without physical accompaniment.

It’s a busy time of the year for talent who look in the right places. Many of these auditions are approaching or happening now, but there is also employment opportunities slated for later in the year so you can prepare for auditions.

If you’re are an independent voiceover artist, or working through an agency, gaining online voice over auditions experience can be beneficial to increasing brand awareness for a voiceover artist business or image. You’ve already invested in the right equipment/training to perform your job effectively─ so naturally you want your voice to come across well during auditions. Continuing to learn about the voiceover industry will allow the voiceover artist to become more composed in presentation when auditions come up. Though, your voice will determine the work overall, having the confidence to walk into an audition knowing as much information about the project as possible will definitely comes across through the voiceover artist’s confidence. Not only that, it will reflect upon the casting agents that the voiceover artist cares enough about their product which in turn will come across as placing your reputation in high regard for existing and future work.

Tips on where to find voice over auditions or work.

  • Call local businesses and ask if they would like their phone message updated.
  • Drop your demo off at local radio stations.
  • Apply for online auditions: www.voiceoverauditionsonline.com
  • Find out the production company that your local movie theatre uses for the voices played before the ‘coming soon’ trailers begin and send them your demo.
  • Offer to record free voice overs for local charities.

Be creative and think of new ways to bring fresh clients to you.

Got any tips for where to find voice over talent? Let us know in the comments section below.

La Tasha Taylor

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