Where to Find Affordable Voiceover Talents Online?

For those small or independent companies in need of voice over work done for a demo or presentation video, business phone greeting, indie video game, or for any voiceover work, it can be daunting to find a professional voiceover actor to do the job.  Common knowledge is that a good professional voiceover artist does not come cheap; you pay not only for the talent, but also the studio, the equipment, and any other overhead.

But as more and more freelance voiceovers are setting up their own home studios and going online for voiceover work, it is makes it easier for the regular Joe to have access to a more affordable voiceover service.

Now the question is where can you go to hire freelance voice professionals?

Elance and Odesk are a couple of freelancer platforms that are being used by voice seekers to search for their VO needs.  Similar to some voiceover service platforms, these sites encourage non-professionals to play alongside professional voiceover talents.  These sites also direct the talents to shoot for the lowest price that they are willing to accept for a specific length or type of work.  For an inexperienced client, this may sound all too well as they can get the project done at the lowest possible cost.  But as Larry Wayne, a professional voice actor with 30 years of experience, puts it, “You get what you pay for.  Sure you can welcome anyone with a mic and a computer to join, but after while voice seekers will wonder where all the quality went.”

And for any business, small, independent or otherwise, quality is key when producing your presentations, your phone messaging system, etc. as it represents your company… it is the voice of your business.  A professional voice will set the tone on how your customers will perceive your company – are you willing to sacrifice quality over savings?

Looking for talents in sites that allow underbidding “lowers the bar of quality,” shares Andrew MacRae.  “Thankfully there are agencies still in existence, both online and otherwise that still prefer quality rather than quantity… Fortunately for the industry, there are many well educated clients out there that know where to go when looking for quality voice talent. And fortunately for the talent, they can find us at places like The Voice Realm.”

The Voice Realm provides a balance of affordability and quality.  As the only known voiceover service platform to open their roster exclusively for professional and experienced voice actors, the clients are assured of quality and professional recordings.  The site is also set up to give value for money, by having a standard rate for each length and type of recording, thus avoiding undercutting amongst the talents.  Another service for the voice seekers is QUICKcast wherein they offer the most affordable rates for any non-broadcast projects and still recorded by only professional voice actors.

Even on a limited budget, businesses clients still has to be wary about where they seek voice talents for their all-important business voice projects.  Again, quality should never be sacrificed over the savings that some sites seem to present.  Good news is, there are still sites who can offer both.


Emma Jamieson

Emma is a voice over and marketing fanatic. A skilled writer and commentator covering the online voice over industry. Previously worked in marketing agencies and now as a voice talent assistant. When she's not talking to the top voice talent and agents, she's putting her thoughts down digitally and disseminating the information globally.