Are Voice Over Conferences Worth Your Time?

Why should you attend a voice over conference?  I’m not sure you should and maybe you aren’t either. Voice-over conferences can be a terrific way to learn, mix & mingle and get up close & personal with high-quality industry professionals. These might include genre-specific pros, casting directors,  talent agents, producers, other voice actors and more. What’s the benefit of making those contacts alone? Ever heard the phrase “it’s who you know?”

At the heart of any industry conference is the education element.  Conferences provide an opportunity for learning basic to advanced techniques; how to position yourself in a very competitive market; what works and what doesn’t work directly from the mouths and personal experiences of those who have gone before you; home studio equipment; plus how to make contacts and proper industry networking.

And here’s a special word about networking: don’t forget to do it with your fellow conference attendees. You never know who’s in a position to hire you for one of their projects! In a  new world of virtual auditions, good old fashioned face-to-face/human-to-human meeting of peers and industry affiliates may prove to be a refreshing change for many.

The next event on the voice-over calendar is the 2015 Midwest Voice Over Conference, set to be held in Columbus, Ohio on May 7th, 8th & 9th, 2015. There are a wide variety of industry pros from around the country who have been scheduled to take part. They include Harlan Hogan, J. Michael Collins and his pay-to-play team, Rodney Saulsberry, Hillary Huber, Kurt Kelly  Marc Graue plus representatives from

These are some of the superstars of the voice over world who all have a heart to give back to the industry and help others learn what it takes to be successful in voice over.

In addition to this lineup, the promoters, Buckeye Media Services and BIG VOICE Productions have lined up local speakers from the ad agency, talent agency, business and sports world, most notably Paul Keels, the Voice of thee Ohio State Buckeyes. When you consider added values like V/O demo critiques, door prizes, conference casting opportunities for actual V/O work and delicious meals, it should make deciding to V/O Conference or not to V/o Conference a no-brainer!

The 2015 Midwest Voice Over Conference will be held at the Holiday Inn, in Worthington, Ohio. Registration, conference agenda and further details are online at