An Innovative, Must-Have Force Multiplier for Voice Over Artists

It all started with a problem.

To be precise, it all started with a logistics problem. In an industry where the now-aging Integrated Services Digital Network (known by most as ISDN) required prohibitively expensive systems, equipment and logistics that take extensive time to be set up be set up- generally in only a very limited number of locations around the country- getting headway into the voice acting and entertainment industry could often be a tiresome affair for those who didn’t want to pay exuberant fees or pack up everything to move to a major metropolitan area.

As a system, ISDN is very stationary in nature. It takes months to get a line installed, and usually you can only work from that location. This can lead to further frustration for people needing to use such systems due to the nature of the business (being on-call to fill an advertising spot at any given time) interfering with family, travel and other aspects of, well, having a life. There are a growing number of alternatives such as Source Connect, Source Connect Now, or ipDTL where an individual can work from anywhere there is internet. Unfortunately, even though these solutions are useable, they cannot connect to ISDN, the staple in several industries. Simply being unable to secure ISDN could cost a person untold amounts in lost work due to being ill-equipped. One essentially becomes a ‘slave to cable’.

A new company by the name of ISDN to Go is looking to change that. ISDN to Go is offering the capability to connect to ISDN from any internet connection.

ISDN to Go founder Eric Leopardi took note of the frustrations involved with the logistics of ISDN and set out creating the service to raise the convenience level for industry members. “ISDN is a dinosaur of a technology that requires a lot of start up costs. The codec alone can cost thousands, and you’re talking about a system being phased out or made more expensive by the telecommunication companies”, Leopardi told Voice Over Herald. “At ISDN to Go, We bridge you from source connect now, source connect, or ipDTL to our ISDN systems for much less”.

ISDN to Go claims the new service will not only cost the end user much less (now being offered at the tune of $200-900 a month per line), but can also enhance the versatility of those who need to be able to do their jobs on the move. “Essentially, wherever you have internet, you have the capability of being available via ISDN. This cuts down on exclusions from ISDN-only work and allows people to work on the go”.

Kurt Myers

Kurt Myers is an opinionated, social media and voice industry expert. He has been involved in agency sales, marketing, and talent development for the past 9 years.