Largest Voiceover Conference in the South is Almost Here

Voiceover actors working from a home studio and looking to effectively be cast in more commercials and narrations, get ready, the largest voiceover conference in the South is around the corner. Join others in the voiceover community this spring as VO2014 Atlanta holds their annual 4-day conference from March 20th to 23rd in Atlanta, GA.

The event is open to anyone working in, or who has an interest in the voice over industry. The conference is designed to allow attendees to meet and talk to presenters without feeling constantly rushed into the next session.


  • Voice actors connect with top notch talent, coaches and producers in the industry
  • Learn the latest trends in voiceover and what you need to know to land jobs
  • Increase networking and personal connections with various talent and resources from around the globe
  • Enjoy formal and informal time with presenters through small group sessions
  • Obtain the necessary skills needed to build a home studio voiceover business for optimal success
  • Participate in the largest voiceover contest around
  • The event is once again offering anyone to attend the 2 day X-sessions. These sessions present opportunities to train in a small group setting where you are guaranteed to spend quality time with the presenter. X-Sessions are limited to no more than 12 people.


VO2014 is the only voiceover conference to provide a program specifically for the youth. Youth participants will have the opportunity to enjoy time with successful coaches that will teach them about the voiceover industry and how to

VO2014 Atlanta

master their voices. There will be the chance to be involved in group exercises, individual exercises, on-mic recording sessions, and talent challenges.

Industry professionals will be on hand providing their voiceover expertise to help those with home studio careers reach new heights.

The schedule for the four day event is as follows:

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Day 1, Thursday – Registration, Welcome Reception, Jump Start Session, and Meetup Nation

Day 2, Friday – Opening Session and Exhibit Hall Opens

Day 3, Saturday – TBD, Exhibit Hall Opens

Day 4, Sunday – Conference wrap up and breakfast



Along with attending the sessions, participants will have the opportunity to hear from an amazing selection of speakers like Vanessa Hart, who is recognized as one of the top voice actors in the country. Other speakers include; Rodney Saulsberry, Celia Siegal and Dave Fennoy. There will also be speakers from both writing and technical backgrounds. Dan Friedman, Joe Loesch, Sunday Muse and George Whittam will be on hand to provide great pointers for operating home studio equipment that can profit voiceover businesses.

Those attending can stay in the loop with all communication leading up to the conference by following the event Twitter feed –

Working from a home studio is very important in building up a voiceover resume especially for those looking to gain more commercial exposure.

VO2014 Atlanta runs from March 20th to the 23rd.

For details and available listings for the conference, please visit the official website for additional information:

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