Hire Female Voice Actor Tanya Maher When You Need a Script Recorded Fast!

Hiring a voice talent online is getting easier every day. Voice over websites like The Voice Realm help connect voice seekers with professional voice talent like female voice actor Tanya Maher.

Female Voice Over Tanya Maher can be hired through The Voice Realm voice over website.
Female Voice Over Tanya Maher can be hired through The Voice Realm voice over website.

We managed to pull her out of the studio for a quick chat with our Customer Support Manager Lauren Maree.

  • How long have you been doing voice overs? How did you get started?

I worked in Downtown Chicago for 16 years as a full time radio personality with voice over work on the side at Illinois Audio Productions.  After years of practice, I learned how to control my voice and really “play the part” after years of voicing “in-house commercials” for clients at the stations I worked for.  I came to realize my true gift of voice…it’s my art, my skill, my passion.

  • What are some of the benefits of being a freelance voice actor and working from home?

The benefits of being a freelance voice actress is working from home!  I can spend more time with my family and get the house clean!

  • How is The Voice Realm different to other sites you’ve seen?

The voice realm is different from other sites in the fact that all auditions are coming from within the beautiful line-up of extreme talents in the industry.  The Voice Realm truly has the best voices in the industry, and I am proud to be one of them!

  • What’s the quality of jobs like that you’ve seen come through the site? 

The jobs that come through are coming from true professionals that expect only the best, which makes me proud to be a part of the team!

  • How about the assistance and support you’ve received from the site?

The staff is so helpful, friendly, and very knowledgeable and determined to make clients and employees very satisfied with their service.

  • Where do you see the future of the voice over industry going?

Looking at the future in this industry, I see so much opportunity as the digital media continues to grow, and the perfect voice for the final product will always be a must!

  • What are some of the benefits you’ve found from being in control of which jobs you audition for?

As I have worked very hard over the years of catering to clients, I discovered all the dimensions of my voice.  I know my strong points, so it is exciting when I get to audition for a female voice over role, an adult with a friendly or sophisticated voice, that I know I can really rock the part! So the benefit of being in control of the jobs I audition for is, I don’t just throw out any audition and put my name on it!  I only audition for the read that I can perfect.  If I post an audition file, I know it is the best I can do.  I am so grateful to have the gift of voice, and I am so grateful to The Voice Realm for giving me the exposure and connections to fun and professional clients all over the world!  I am such a people person, and this industry has connected me to lifelong clients and friends.  I think being a voice artist is the best job in the world, and I am thankful!

Female voice actor Tanya can be hired through her profile page: http://www.thevoicerealm.com/talent/tanya.maher

Lauren Maree

Lauren Maree has been working in advertising, media and marketing for over 15 years. Her experience as a casting director allows her to provide inside information of the voice over industry.