Australian Voice Over Artist Visits a Record Amount of Cities

Combining his love of travel and a passion for the voice over industry, Dave Kirwan has visited, and recorded from, a record 40 cities in twelve months, all while continuing to record voice overs from his portable studio.

The former Australian Weather Channel anchor and Today Show snow reporter now focuses on his voice over career which started in Sydney, Australia. Kirwan now resides in New York City which is the perfect base for traveling the globe.

Some of the cities Kirwan traveled to and set up his portable studio setup in hotel rooms include Paris, Honolulu, Istanbul, London, Dublin, Athens, Madrid, Beunos Aires, Santiago,Frankfurt, and Cabo, Mexico

Australian voice actor Dave Kirwan in Paris.

As a top Australian voice over artist, some of Kirwan’s previous clients over the years include Nickelodeon, MTV, McDonalds, Garnier, and thousands more radio and televisions commercials. He is also the current voice for Spotify Australia, informing listeners of the benefits of upgrading to the premium service between songs.

Kirwan said the travel has not been a problem for anyone. “Clients appreciate that they can have access to a voice every single day no matter where in the world I am. Previously you risk losing a client if they cannot get a hold of you.” He said from Athens, Greece.

His studio consists of a microphone and laptop and achieves the same sound as that of a studio in any major city. “I’ve never had one complaint about the audio. The microphone is one of the best in the industry, and hotel rooms are almost like a studio in regards to lots of padding with carpet and curtains.”

Spending nearly every single week of the year traveling, he’s picked up some tips along the way for living on the road and saving money, without comprising anything.

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  • Travel lightly. You can always buy something at your destination if you really can’t live without it.
  • The accent works wonders when checking in for room upgrades. Be friendly, thankful and subtle.
  • Don’t bother asking for upgrades for flights. These days it’s based on your frequent flyer status with the airline.
  • Cheaper 2-3 star hotels usually offer free wifi and free breakfast. Expensive hotels charge extra. Plus star ratings are not based on the rooms or ambience, but rather the facilities. And are you really going to go to the hotel gym when you’re in a new city!
  • Venture out beyond the tourist areas. Things are cheaper and you get more of the local cultural experience.
  • Withdraw local currency from ATMS in large amounts like $500, then keep in the hotel safe. Less hassle and usually a better exchange rate.
  • Join airline and hotel loyalty programs. I fly business class nearly everywhere and only pay for a coach/economy ticket thanks to free upgrades.


The male voice over artist actor has recorded for almost every single audio application including phone greetings, explainer videos, children’s toys, audio books, video games and podcasts.

His travel continues into 2014 with trips planned to Peru, Milan and back to two of his favorite destinations Paris and Orlando, Florida.

Kirwan’s website features demos of his work:

His Flickr account features amazing photographs of his travel adventures:

(Source: PRweb)

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